Ventix organizes a scientific disclosure event on June 17th 2014.

This occasion will give you the chance to discover Ventix native cellulose, a high potential material giving an edge to your future products.

DISCLOSURE 2015 is a one day event giving you the occasion to discover Ventix XCell1TM cellulose specific features. Understand how this cellulose and its derivatives represent a competitive advantage for you, your products and your clients.

Be at the forefront of tomorrow's technologies and take advantage of Ventix works in order to increase the value of your R&D investments.

Your presence at this event will insure you to be part of the very first adopters of Ventix XCell1TM cellulose and take the lead over the competition.

Register without delay and take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you are not sure to attend, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Who should attend Disclosure 2015 ?

Industries where cellulose represents a great potential of growth are (non exhaustive list):
  • Materials
  • Energy
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnologies
Registration policy allows you to register one or two persons under the same company.

R&D, product development and commercialization managers are particularly targeted by this event for they will recognize the benefits of native microcellulose industrially made available to you.

You may also invite a person from another company, one of your customers, partners or providers, for example.

Early bird registration (before june 1st 2014) leads to a 10% discount. Call us for more details.


Alain Neveu, CEO

Mr. Neveu is the main founder of Ventix. His vision of the environment market is to facilitate relationships that innovators may have with business development and their ability to maximize and capitalize on the value of their own innovations.

Mahaut Ricciardi-Rigault, Directrice R&D

Considered an 'Unavoidable' of environment affairs and sustainable development, Mrs. Rigault is co-founder of Ventix. Her goal is to fully apply the concept of sustainable business by pushing the search for innovative technologies considered ahead of their time and thereby allowing to compensate for time lost in regards to climate change initiatives.