Give yourself a head start

Through its R&D department, Ventix is at the forefront of innovation. Its R&D team is working primarily to develop innovative processes and products always on the basis of green chemistry and eco-design.

Two rules prevail in each research project, namely:

1. Decrease negative impacts on the environment
2. Optimize positive impacts on society and economy

Ventix research efforts lead to constantly develop new products. Besides XCell1TM microcellulose Ventix also tends to enhance lignins, hemicelluloses and extractable also present in the biomass.

You want to know if our products can be used as a base, substrate or even a complement to your formulations and preparations, we will be happy to test and validate the possibility with you in order to offer the solution that best suits your needs.

Ventix guaranties you to be in the forefront of advanced technologies and sustainable development.

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