Cellulose a great bonding solution
The advantage of cellulose over other types of adhesive is its light weight, non-toxicity, biodegradability and high self adhesion strength.

For these reasons, Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose becomes the number one choice for improving the interface properties with polymers such as ceramics, thermoplastics and thermosets.


Write on wood... with wood!
Nanocrystalline cellulose has iridescent properties. Depending on the number of stacked nanolayers and mixing conditions. Nanocrystalline cellulose can offer you the colors of the rainbow.

Imagine a non-toxic and biodegradable ink solving problems related to paper recycling. Even better, imagine a 3-D cellulose material being used in those more and more popular 3-D printers!

The cellulose XCell1TM from Ventix also offers interesting perspectives as a polymerizable powder for 3D printing.


The colors of the rainbow at your fingertips
Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose can be functionnalized in order to graft pigments on some of its chains to color it. It can also be functionalized to give the paint specific properties.

Free of toxicity, Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose can be used to reduce or prevent toxic emanation of VOCs and allow you to paint safely.

Whether your projects are LEED or not, you can sleep soundly. The paint you breathe could even smell like forest!