Energy from the sun
Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose can be functionalized so as to give specific photoelectric properties.

It could then be possible to channel the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy.

Ventix is developing a technology which can achieve significant performance and reduction in the use of equipment supporting panels such as timber, poles and wires.


Fuel cells
A natural source of energy
What better than a micro or a nanostructure as nature designed to handle energy efficiently?

Because of its specific configuration, Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose can be integrated with several energy producing as a catalyst or membrane for fuel cells, for example technologies.


Cellulosic ethanol & Tar sands
Many countries project to mix bio-ethanol with gasoline by 2020 at rates ranging between 5 and 85% (E5 to E85). Cellulose produced by excess could be used to produce cellulosic ethanol.

Ventix XCell1TM functionalized microcellulose could offer the tar sand industry of Alberta the opportunity to reduce the use of chemical additives to lessen the contamination of process water discharged in the environment.