Efficient and economical smart materials
Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose is unique. It naturally disperses in solution. Its special characteristics allows you to create lightweight and flexible new products with high added value and excellent mechanical properties. It is also possible to generate, by means of functionalization, chemical, optical and thermal properties.

Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose offers a wide range of opportunities for development and improvement.


Innovative plastics
Bioactive plastics represent the vanguard of what is being done in packaging, films and membranes. The question is not to simply produce a biodegradable plastic, but to give it the potential to improve more generally product quality and safety.

In addition to being lightweight and offering good mechanical strength, Ventix XCell1TM functionalized microcellulose will create new bioplastics with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-UV properties, so as to prolong food shelf life.


Textiles of the Future
Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose, because of its remarkable mechanical and chemical properties, offers a great potential for textile development. It can meet the most demanding criteria, particularly as regards the reduction of mass, volume, resistance to safety and non-toxicity standards.

Further, Ventix XCell1TM functionalized microcellulose presents interesting protective and functional properties including hydrophobicity or hydrophillie, UV, stain and microbial barriers.