./img/img1_icone_4.png Growth and Development

More and more companies tend to significantly reduce energy consumption and source renewable resources.

Ventix innovative solutions are designed to optimize the growth of your business in a sustainable development context.

./img/img1_icone_3.png New market shares

All industries seek to create new market shares by developing more and more specialized products with high added value which will increase their profitability.

Ventix innovative solutions allow you to create your new high performance products or improve the performance of your existing ones.

./img/img1_icone_5.png Valuable asset

Nature provides us with abundant renewable resources. Collectively we have access to more than 500 billion tons of woody biomass per year while oil reserves are depleting.

Ventix innovative solutions give you access to this important asset by integrating wood within your own products.

./img/img1_icone_1.png Compliance and regulations

Worldwide regulations for environmental compliance is increasingly binding.

Ventix innovative solutions help you reduce your use of toxic products and increase the recyclability of your commercial products.

./img/img1_icone_6.png Green image

The integration of wood components within consumer and specialty products can replace petroleum and other toxic products and, hence, give you the opportunity to better manage your products lifecycle.

Ventix innovative solutions allow you to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your customers'.

./img/img1_icone_2.png Climate Change

Increasing climate change concerns favour the emergence of green products with minimal impact on carbon cycle.

Ventix innovative solutions give you munitions to fight against climate change by giving you access to renewable resources available about every where in the world, lowering consequently greenhouse gas emissions.