A force of nature

Nature has developed a molecule unparalleled in its billions of years of R&D. This cellulose, also called native or type I cellulose, forms the basis of its architecture.

The perfect geometry of native cellulose makes the nanofiber very reactive, more so than all other possible forms of cellulose. It is said to be in a metastable state just like diamond is as compared to graphite. Native cellulose has the advantage of being:
  • Abundant
  • Renewable
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Economical

The ExCell1TM process developed by Ventix is a biomass delignification eco-process designed to extract native cellulose from about any types of wood species (soft or hardwood).
Because of its unique characteristics, type I microcellulose can be functionalized much more easily and widely than its type II counterpart more generally found on the market and for which too little derivatives were produced in 150 years.

Native cellulose is deemed to improve materials mechanical properties. Its wide functionalization spectrum can generate specific properties such as barrier to gas, water, stain, static, bacteria, fire and more.

Ventix XCell1TM microcellulose can be sold in micro or nanoscale fractions, functionalized or not, crystalline or amorphous, all of it according to your needs. This allows you to produce new materials with specific properties in addition to offering you and your customers a green image.